5 Reasons to Study on the Gold Coast for International Students

5 Reasons to Study on the Gold Coast for International Students

The sixth-largest city in Australia- Gold Coast is also known as the South Coast. In addition to its popular beaches, rainforests, nightlife, and fun-filled theme parks, Gold Cots is home to some prestigious ranking universities as well. This tourist city attracts thousands of people every year from all over the world. So, why not students. Every year, students from all over the globe move to the Gold Coast and have a life-changing experience. Gold Coast provides high educational standards, attractive university facilities, and much more. There are several reasons to study on the Gold Coast. Here we bring to you the top 5 reasons to study on the Gold Coast for international students.

Why Study on the Gold Coast?

Read on to discover a few of the top reasons why you should study on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Also, check out the list of top universities on the Gold Coast.

1.      Cultural Diversity

Gold Coast welcomes tourists and students and offers them a multicultural environment. It has the best delicious international cuisines as well as traditional Australian fusion foods in its restaurants. So, food issues won’t be a problem anymore.

Furthermore, the Gold coast hosts a multicultural festival every year. This proves to be a perfect platform to celebrate the diverse cultural communities. Moreover, residents of the Gold Coast are exceptionally friendly and warm. You will surely come across warm hospitality when you move out to the beautiful beaches in the city. Even on campus, you are sure to meet people and have some fun, get easily settled into university life, and pursue your degree with ease.

2.      Pleasing Climate

As a prospective international student on the Gold Coast, you must be worried about how is the weather in the city. Well, Gold Coast is located in the southeast corner of Queensland. As per reports, international students love this city as it has a pleasant subtropical climate. This pleasing weather lasts from March until November. Even during the summer months i.e., December to February, the Gold Coast gets rainy and so it doesn’t get that hot. Overall, the climate on the Gold coast can be considered mild. This acts as an important reason as international students do not have to face adverse climatic changes. Thus, gold coast for international students is an ideal place to study.

3.       Top Universities

Gold Coast is home to around 30,000 university students where almost 10,000 are international students. Universities in Gold Coast are often ranked in the QS World Ranking Universities List.

You can check out the Gold Coast universities as well as the university courses Gold Coast has to offer. It invests in research, infrastructure, and provides a world-class education to international students. Here are the top universities on the Gold Coast:

Griffith University

QS World University Ranking- 303

This university has 3 campuses situated in the Gold Coast Region, Brisbane, and Logan. However, the Gold Coast campus is the largest. It has over 40,000 enrolled students. As stated before, up to 10,000 students are international.

Southern Cross University

This university has two campuses. One is situated in Queensland and the other in New South Wales. Southern Cross University has a wide range of courses. International students are free to choose from various postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

Bond University

This is a private university. It is famous for providing exceptional teaching and student learning support. Bond University is also among the top universities for its postgraduate programs. However, it is one of the most expensive universities in the city.

4.      Reasonable Tuition Fee and Cost of Living

Well, courses and pricing are very flexible on the Gold Coast. It has from cheap to extremely expensive study options available. Private universities are a bit expensive while public universities can be cheaper.

The cost of living and accommodation on the Gold Coast is also flexible, It has many affordable options available to suit your budget. You can choose from the different homestay, rental, and share options. Travelling and fares come with great discounts for students.

The overall cost of living on the Gold Coast is still cheaper than other major Australian cities.  Gold Coast is the second cheapest city in Australia while Adelaide stays in the first position.

The tuition fee is reasonable. So, you can enjoy a high standard of living without draining all your bank balance.

5.      Employment and Career Opportunities

Many international students love to earn some extra bucks in their free time. Gold Coast has several casual and part-time work all year around. During their term, the students are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight. However, they can work full-time when the course is not in session/ vacations. So, students can enhance their skills, knowledge and add charm to their resumes as well.

So, this completes our list of top reasons to study on the Gold Coast for international students. For more such exciting updates, stay connected. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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