7 habits of highly effective people amazon

7 habits of highly effective people amazon

Bringing all the big cards in the living room, there was a picture of a young girl on half a card (As you saw on page 34) And on the left half of the cards was an old woman with a page 59 picture. Give the cards to them. In one part of the room, they distributed cards with a picture of the young woman and the other Older women like this. He told us that we spend 10 seconds working on our respective cards. Do it. After this, he took back the card from us. Then he went through the projector on page 35 on N The picture was made, which was made by mixing both the pictures. After this, he completely described that woman Said to The people who saw the girl in the card, they also saw the girl in the picture. And ? का का? थी had seen the picture of an old woman in the card, in this picture she also appeared as an old woman.

Then Shashik told one of the students to tell someone sitting on the other side of the room that he Or saw it. When they talk among themselves, problems of communication emerge. What do you mean by “old woman”? It cannot be more than 20 or 22 years! ” “Oh leave it! You are probably joking. He will be 70 years old – maybe around 80
Ho!” “Are you done?” Are you blind? This woman is young, beautiful. I take him out with me
Would like to take a walk. he is beautiful.”

“beautiful? He is very old-fashioned”

The debate continued to grow. Neither of them had complete faith in their own spot, but they were adamant on their angle are. Despite all this, ?aq ?wātha??hay had a very important advantage – most of them have more than one use.
Only knew from the beginning that it is actually the essence of the second angle. This is the kind of thing that we Most people will never accept in ordinary life. Nonetheless, for the first time, only Really try to look at this picture from another angle. There was an argument for quite some time. After this a student went to Ann and he started drawing.

Pointing to a line, he said, “This is a girl’s necklace.” Sir said, “No, this is old woman’s Mouth. ” Gradually, they began to discuss peace on the occasion of differences. At last If the descent is described in detail, then Vavlathayay identified the second angle one by one. Peace, peace and Through dialogue, we all sat in the room and finally succeeded in seeing the second angle. but when When we used to look at that picture again and again, we would see the same image in the picture for most of us. It was, for which we were conditioned to see ten seconds. I often use this experience in front of people and organizations, because we will have to face it And a deep understanding of traditional affectivity. First of all it comes to know that one condition How much we experience our experiences and paradises. To see if things The angle can have so much effect in ten seconds, then how much of the condition of the life will have effect Will happen? Current families such as family, school, church, office environment, AM, partner and subject-based policies.

Social paradigms have a subliminal effect on our lives silently. They are our angles, parades and Help to make Nasho.
It also shows that these paradises are the source of our nearness and behavior. We stay outside them Cannot work with integrity or integrity. What we see, if we talk to him or If we conduct, then we cannot maintain fullness. If you were from those 90 percent people, this condition After being taken, the young woman appears in the picture, so of course you would have to think that a road You may have to help him cross. In the app you see it, your eyes and
The practice would have been the same as the one used. This makes us aware of a fundamental flaw of the new-age policy. If we get those fundamental Failure to check the pareidas, which causes our behavior and eyesight, so the outside view and Trying to change behavior has very little benefit in the long run.

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The illustration of the experience also shows how much our behavior with our parents is greater Let’s express. Even though we think that we are looking at the whole thing and nature, but we It starts to realize that other people can see them in the same form and form from the same angle. “Where we stand depends on where we are sitting.”
We each have the tendency to think that we see things in the same way as they are, that is, We are objective or objective. But this is not true. We do not see the new world as it is That is, we see in that app, as we are – or as we have been conditioned to see. when we describe this When we open our mouth to do it, we see it, so in reality we ourselves, our experiences And describe their paradise. When people disagree with us, we immediately start thinking that There’s something wrong with them. But as evidenced by this example.

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