7 habits of highly effective people stephen covey

Paradise of 7 habits

In the seven habits of the most influential people, many fundamental principles of human personality have been described. these Habits are basic and physical. It is the practice of assimilating the right theory, which is permanent Happiness and success are the foundation of success.But before we can really understand these seven habits, we can see our own “paradise”One has to understand and also “how to change your paradise.” The chara-half-nets and nave-shrines are examples of social paradises.

Paradigm is from Shedic language. It is basically a scientific term and nowadays its use It is generally used in the sense of ?tāman, āsanta, anubhavā?a, matā?a or angle. In more general apps, This is the way in which we “see” the new world. It is not related to our internal experience, Bake is from feeling, understanding and analyzing.

The easiest way to understand the paradises for our purpose is to look at them in the form of drugs. We all You know that there is no “addiction”. It only uses some aspects of the atmosphere. And The Paradigm does the same. It is the principle, correspondence or present of any other object. Suppose you want to reach some specific place in Chicago? If you have city streets If you are intoxicated, you will get a lot of help in reaching your destination. But let’s say you got the wrong drunkenness Has been given Due to the error in the account, “flash” has been accidentally printed on the map of Detroit! Or you that Frustration and failure can be overcome, which you have to face to reach your destination Will have to do while doing it?

7 habits of highly effective people stephen covey

May be you can improve your behavior, you can work harder and make your speed better. Le. But your efforts will make you successful in reaching the wrong place fast only. Maybe you can improve your outlook and think in a more positive way. You still right You will not have access to the place, but you probably will not care about it. Your view is so positive You will be happy wherever you reach.

The point is that you will still be wandering. Someone from your behavior or perspective of the basic problem It has nothing to do with It has everything to do with the fact that the drug you have is wrong. Hard work is important when you have the right amount of traction. When you walk on the right path When facing the frustrations of time desperately, then it can be really futile from the point of view. but the first and The most important requirement is that the drug be correct. Each of us has a lot of narcotics, which can be placed in two categories from the main form:
1. Cheese of (cheese), and 2. Cheese of life (life).

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We go through every experience of our life through mental drills. We might be about to get the Nasho right Seldom ask questions. Normally, we do not even know that we have a nose. we just assume The way we look at things, they really should be in the same form or the same way. Our attitudes and behaviors are derived from this grace. The way we look at things, from that It is decided how we think and act. Before proceeding, I invite you to have a fun and emotional experience. some Pause for a moment, take a look at page 34. Now look at the picture printed on page 35 and describe what you saw carefully. Or do you see women in him? How much should you get from your answer? How is she See? What is he wearing? How do you see him in a landmark? You would probably describe the woman in the second picture saying that

she will be around 25 years

Beautiful, slightly fashionable, with a small nose and a bit of tantrums. If you were unhappy, then take it to date Want. If you were in the business of art, you would want to take services as a fashion model. But if I ask you, are you wrong? If this picture of me is female in sixty or year, The one who looks sad, who has a big nose and who is not always a model? She is such a woman, Maybe you want to help cross the road. Who is right? Look at the picture again. Or did you see an old woman? If not, keep trying. Or can you see his big nose? His shawl?

If I and you were face to face, we could discuss this picture. You could tell me You could see and I could tell you that I could see. We could continue discussing until Till you could not show me this in the picture, you are seeing it in this picture and I am seeing it You can’t see it or see me.

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