Are you choosing grief? Trust your mind

Are you choosing grief?

When you are anxious, your heart usually breaks into two or more options and you Losing control starts. When you find yourself in these circumstances, consider the thinking Which method will be most beneficial in your development. This will give you the correct answer.

For example, take a test. Usually some people are advanced and some are poor. But The interesting thing is that some of the people who have become lenient are also offended, so that their Aids are not as high as they are expected to be. They accept the result due to their ego Could not do it. On the other hand, some other people become friends when they are high and feel infuriated, even if They have been found only in Uttar Pradesh. These types of people have different moods.People search for many types of problems for their psychosis. Some people say that because Jesus light Was suffering, so it is natural that we will also suffer. The important thing to consider is “which Is option better? “And” What kind of person do you want to be? “There is a wide range of options to choose from. There is no way to help such people. Those people Take the wrong meaning of advice and take it in negative form. Always a helping hand for you Increases, but if you choose grief, then you too can not help you, so happy To be or not depends on what people want. So it is necessary for you to choose happiness Thank you.

Trust your mind

There is a reason for the thing and after that comes its result. Hence it is necessary to have a good Think of ways to sow seeds, nurture them and harvest their fruits. I teach a thought, which is called “Dynamite Chanting”. This idea is the explosive power in your mind Of planting seeds. I feel happy that so many people live with weak mentality.

The world There are people full of people, who wish to be free from the people and are hesitant to ask for elp. However, I would like to say that the days of the old religion came to an end when people thought to pray or They will be saved by taking the name of God. The key to saving all the people on this or that type of sign The basis is not found in a ‘contemporary’ or oversimplified pattern. Instead, save humanity The key is to expand and expand and deepen within every man according to great philosophical disciples. It is implicit in thinking about hidden viability. Those who do not really know about the power that lies within the workings of the mind can say that they simply There are ideas that give peace, peace, or harmony. They sacrifice those basic methods of Chantan and Only pay attention to technical benefits or miracles. They make money from some miscreant or cure disease. Can consider the idea of ​​getting it done. People are sometimes so weak that they easily come across such a thing Go, but I want to make them strong. If you become strong, then lakhs of problems can be solved Can Actually, if I become a strong man, then there is no problem that cannot be solved. Can be For example, the cry ‘Aa biga’ stops at the sight of the toffee and starts smiling, or On hearing the two words of violence, one gets filled with courage, or is encouraged by the impetuous slapping on the head. Starts applying There is a similar relationship between Eir and Manu. Humans sometimes get frustrated, get depressed Yes, or inferiority is attained by the . But if they are Christian, and they are in their hearts After finishing, they will get up and stand up and get punished in the form of armed, social and positive categories Will do it.

I want every person not only to read these words, but also to experience it in the real world. This is my mother Hope. I am teaching this idea again and again that the mind is the locus of everything and by changing the mind Life will change for the better. It is true to itself. Creating happiness and sorrow, man’s own mind Does. In more concrete terms, everything depends on how you seed in your mind.

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