Do not impose friends or enemies

Do not impose friends or enemies

In noble matters people do not understand others properly. Sometimes they misunderstand others Yes, their perception is based on the predecessor already created. The most common assumption is to consider the other as a friend or a doubter. When people look at others, they see them on this basis. But they divide into two classes, that they are friends with them or enemy. Then harass people classified as enemies Let’s start. On the other hand, they live with classified people as friends and depend on them. When distributing friends or other enemies, people first consider that they will be of some benefit.

They also classify people close to their enemy as a member of their enemy. Those people You can try to give information or tell negative things related to them and show them down Try. We need to be very careful with this type of thinking, which will help others and The enemy distributes. The fault starts from this. There is a reason or background for people to behave in a particular way or stand in a particular situation is. Deciding to be one’s friend or foe without knowing that background can create problems. Good Regarding any person, you feel that he is not going to do you any good, still you It must be ascertained that he is doing so. In many cases, there are only six teachers in your case as well as figures of your mind. If you Thinking that a person is a man, then he will react to that idea. But if you think, “It is definitely determined,” so he will think the same about you.

Most people do not have the ability to accept someone’s common qualities. So which part you If you can’t see it, you should think of it as blurred and think about different possibilities.

Saman is the key to a good relationship

I want to tell you one way to succeed in the office, which is for the officers and subordinates. The relationship between, and the way in which they interact, is based on a view that considers it. First, think of whether you respect your supervisor or authority. Actually, in the office Unsuccessful seldom respect their authorities. Don’t doubt that your Supervisors or authorities have human deficiencies, defects or weaknesses. You have many such things in them That can be marked. But there are many aspects of them as well, that is not said about Can go They have been appointed to that position, because your company has a higher authority than them. Understands their work. So if you think that your authority is completely irrational, and If you are full of faults and deficiencies in the app, then let us assume that you are ever successful in that company, society or organization.

If you make a list of good and bad things about your successor and can’t find what is good for him If you talk too much about bad things, then this conclusion can be removed easily. Success is impossible. To be successful, on the one hand, where you must respect your officers, get rid of them People who work on the post are also required to love. What is the meaning of loving your subject is? First of all it means to help them improve their strength and against their weaknesses. To alert Your contact with the subject will be able to happen by chance, but in the form of sitting on the post.It is your duty to ensure that they become capable of doing the work of violence and doing well. Keep on working well even when you have been posted at that position. In addition, you also need to be very careful about this so that they do not ask for their merit. Some people come to know of a talented person coming to work under him.

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it occurs. They try to put a lot of hurdles in his work and whatever he does, he has meen-We take out the oil. These feelings will definitely prevent the subordinate from achieving success. Also, others like this The quote of the assessees will also be constrained by their behavior. Samant people who achieve real success have a tendency to love others’ abilities. They Love those people who have qualifications that are not in themselves. Love such people And willingness to help them move forward continuously is an extraordinary aspect of their movement. Ours To fall in love with people who work at the bottom of the post means accepting their ethnicity and To help them expand their character further. It means that you have You should be proud to do subordinate work, which is more powerful than you. You get such a high mood Should try to do Only after getting such a mood will you be able to move forward.

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