Ear gives you the same problems you can solve

Ear gives you the same problems you can solve

Never ever confront a man with a problem that he cannot solve. this one There is such a thing, which he will never do, and will never do. The struggling people can think that this burden It is inequitable to lift, but in the eyes of others it is absolutely right. To understand this, imagine a man carrying a heavy bag on the back. He is very much into weight lifting Is, but initially he refrains from doing so and carries only light weight. When the extra weight is loaded, he Thinks that he will fall from the burden, but after a loan, more weight is put on him. He thinks so It will fall from the burden, but it does not. He goes on, only then will someone put more weight on him is.He thinks, “This time I will not be able to stand still,” but actually he still walks lives. Finally he realizes that although he considers himself unable to lift such a heavy weight Yes, but in reality he was just laziness.

The same thing applies to work. When the workload increases, people get nervous and think that they don’t Can handle When you feel that your ability has reached limits, it is essential to consider Or have you really done what everyone expects of you, and what they believe in Are you comfortable with your success? When you grow up, you will find that I used to see very big things which I found difficult to solve. They are not even worth worrying about. For example, when a company suddenly goes through a huge growth spurt.

Feels like something is in my ear but nothing’s there

Then the staff may feel that they have to deal with or make changes with the changes to be made. I am unable to keep it. But as they handle the increased workload, they realize that they are still good enough. They were not doing it spontaneously and were nervous for no reason. People sometimes think that they are facing a difficult problem There are, while in reality, they are only two feet away. Although you may feel that you are facing such a problem at the moment, which you have to overcome It is out of control, but you solve it yourself throughout the year. So think if you have one in the future Would have done years later, and I am sure you will find a solution. In other words.

How will you be in the future, how will you grow; And then bring this bill or mental picture to the present. If you do this, you will find yourself becoming stronger. I think it is worth trying. Sometimes when you’re struggling and trying to resolve a problem with determination However, if you suddenly find a problem, it is solved automatically without you knowing. you at first It may seem that it is unbelievable that you have been able to solve such a difficult problem, but late- Always, you will be able to solve such problems easily.

Not fast, think like a runner

Sometimes you become frustrated and start thinking that this situation may not get worse or you and If you cannot bear more or more adversity, then do not forget that such periods in your life are usually It is a treat. If you study only for one or two years, then you are writing about those things. Can, which is not according to your hope. At such a time, you have to completely change your way of thinking. Need to change In any one of these periods, you have not been successful, this fact can mean You cannot win a hundred yards fast race, but this does not necessarily mean that you only have to become a runner No merit. Fast races are a few hundred yards, but think about a marathon run, which is twenty-six miles is. If you are not good in a fast race, then ask yourself whether you are capable of running a long distance. Is worthiness? Sometimes you should change your spouse.

I have never been a very good runner myself, but once when I was in Senior High School, I once had a Participated in the marathon and competed satisfactorily. The experience of this long distance race I was taught the importance of gradually increasing speed in all functions. When the race started, I met such a group of people Chosen, whom I considered to be of equal merit, and ran with them to catch the traffic. But after running some loans, my body got hot, I started feeling good and I felt, I Could do better, than I originally thought. In about half the way, I started increasing my speed And I started to feel like my legs got bigger. I was successful in increasing my speed till then Now, when I got ahead of the people, who were always beating me in a fast race of fast pace. Fast runner People are usually good bodybuilders and when they lose their speed in the long distance race, now they get They cannot continue running any more. When I finished ahead of those fast runners, I came to their faces.

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I could only believe that this is happening. It was a truly astonishing experience. I have told you about the importance of increasing speed gradually. You get a rough assessment of your ability There is a need to do and decide when you should try extravaganza, so that you Do the best results as possible. There is always scope for improvement.

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