Face your commute in Way

Face your commute

Men also resurrect in this world again and again to increase their spiritual development. if you Look at your spiritual training in this area, so what you saw from the original app Was it, you will have to look different. You will experience the problem that you are facing right now, what kind of problem it is You have to overcome challenges in this life. Life time problem How is it So even if you feel that you are trapped in the vortex of grief, it really means that You are facing a very important me in life, and this time you are going for your spiritual development.

Are experiencing an important time. This is an exciting time for you. You finally compete I have entered the arena. So far you’ve had six bouts with a fantasy opponent. Long years were spent in training, but that time has now ended and the competition is about to begin. As soon as The referee has a red corner (one of the two positions of standing player in the arena) Will call you to call), you have to take your clothes off and get into the arena. Once you If you get into the arena, you will have to fight. This can be the great debt for which you were born in this world. even before one is born You may have spent several decades, many centuries, in the second world getting ready for this loan.

Only after experiencing enough power, you decided to come to the earth and face this challenge. If you had a human being, this could have been very difficult, but the one you are facing Yes, he is not someone. What you’re seeing as an invincible problem, it’s actually something more than marichaca No It is only your own work, which has come up as a problem or concern. In the arena You are fighting, he is not another man; This war is between you and your worker, and you get this fight You have to win at every cost. This is the plan of your film.

So now, when that fragile clock has arrived, you are talking like this by doing Hila-Hawala. “If I’m not wise, it’s not about me,” or “It’s all because of my circumstances,” “It’s Blame my parents, “This was my brother’s fault,” or “I couldn’t succeed because of being poor.” Now that you are in the arena, you have come out of the red corner, your people with blue corner from your counterpart They have been seen and both of you are eyeing each other.Making excuses in such a situation It is akin to someone saying, “Actually, I have not had any training recently, my legs are a little bit I am sad and I am suffering from my waist tomorrow. “You too will think if you hear such a thing from your friend A man is weak and will seize that opportunity. Therefore, such mentality is not good.Once you are in the arena, you have to hide your weaknesses and do your best.As soon as you find your work, you have to face it with courage. Situated Even if it is true, do not let it be known. In the arena, you cannot let your friend know that
The pass has a chance of winning. Even if your weight is sixty five, you still have to keep your chest full and stay in this way.

As if your weight is too much to say, so that your nature gets nervous that you will beat it. So in life
Always think positively.

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