Habits of Highly Effective People examples of principles

what is the main purpose of the 7 habits

I am – literally. But many times I think what I am doing, or it is really important. ? or Will it make any difference in the long run? I really want to think that my life had any meaning, in this new world. My coming came together and because of me there was some trouble. When I see my mother or relative succeed or succeed, I congratulate them. but I roasted water within.

How do I feel like this? My condition is very strong. I know that I can get desired results in any discussion. Most of the times I can influence the person in such a way, so that they suggest my desired solution. I every I think about the situation in a good way and I think that the thoughts that come in my mind are usually for everyone They are the best. But still I remain restless. I am always worried that other people like me Think and not know or think about me.

My married life is falling apart. We are not fighting and quarreling, but the love between us is now dead. We Took marriage counseling, tried many ways, but to no avail. We have that feeling within us You are not able to wake up again, which ever was before. These problems are deep and painful too. And these are the problems, with quick fixes No, it can be resolved. A few years ago me and my wife Saina were also facing similar problems. One of our sons is in school I was facing a lot of problems. He was weak in studies.

To get good numbers in Tet Leave the matter, he could not even understand that how did he follow the instructions given in the paper Go He was opposed to socialism too and due to that we had to be very often mourned. Sports Not only was he smaller and earlier than that, he also had a lack of mental coordination. For example, baseball Many times while playing, he used to spin his ball even before the owner of the catcher came near. All sold Used to laugh.

Habits of Highly Effective People examples of principles

I and Saina had a strong desire to help him. We had this feeling if “success” It is truly important in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, so it is most important in the role of parents. Therefore We paid close attention to our son and tried to improve the behavior. With this we Try to improve the look and behavior too. We have used the technique of positive thinking and using it Try to encourage psychiatrically. “Well done, son! You can do it We know You can do it. Keep your hands slightly up on the ball and keep your eyes focused on the neck. Until the end Do not turn the ball until it comes close. ” If we could see even a little bit of improvement in it, we would appreciate it He was greatly praised for his enhancement. “Very good son, keep doing this.” When other children used to laugh at him, we used to scold him, “Don’t bother him.” Leave him alone. She Just learning. ” At this our son used to cry and would say that he would never be like this.

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Will get the game and he doesn’t like baseball anyway. We tried a lot, but when there was no significant improvement in the situation, we were really worried. We clean It was seen that it was having a very bad effect on his life and soul. To encourage him, we He tried hard to help and be positive. However, when we fail again and again, Finally, we decided to go back and look at the situation from a different angle. At that time, I was giving training on leadership development in many reputed organizations across the country. I ibm Communication and experiences of Azhanayutv Development Program (Perception) on the subject was preparing a grammatical program. When I researched to prepare these programs, my interest was particularly in this topic. The way our experiences develop, they determine the way we look.

And how our viewing angle determines our behavior. When I hopelessly I studied Santanta and “Appamillion impressions” (I hope to be complete), so I got it How deep are our experiences? It taught me how to see the new world as well You should also look at that glass, through which we look at the new world. It taught me only Actually it decides how we see the new.

The concept of IBM I was learning, I and Saina had their status in my family. An overview of what happened. By doing this, we realized that what we were doing to help our son, He did not match the way we used to see him. When we did our deepest To check the sentiment honestly, we found that our experience was that it was basically irrational and The “backward” was ?a. We have worked hard on our eyes and behavior, but because of our efforts
It was not successful, in spite of our positive behavior and words, we actually have this message to him Were saying, “You are not free. You have to stop. ” We need to realize that if we want to change the situation, first we have to

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