In the end, you become your best friend

In the end, you become your best friend

You will never be able to compare yourself to others. if you only look at yourself If you decide on the basis of comparative methods, you will not get final success. instead of this Evaluate you by comparing the development and progress made in the last period of your life. Should do. Find the problem found within you only the problem found within you Look like. Then consider those talents, which were settled at the time of Jammu and since then Check the merit and availability. You should do your assessment in this way. This is a war to be fought by itself; And this is a war in which each person has a chance of winning is. After saying and doing everything you should say, “Who was born with the employer and who “I did well when I visited the school, seeing the players.” Is always possible.

When people fight a battle with others, it is difficult to win an app. Actually, if you Take a closer look, those who seem to have won over others, you will find that some of them have survived in life.This shows that when people compete with others, there can be no final victory. In the end You are your best friend.

No-brain mind

Since time immemorial the mind has been considered extremely important in Buddhism. The reason is that of one’s life
Most sorrows and tensions arise from mental energy. In the main appraisal for Buddhist One of them, is a practice that cannot be wooed.

Those with slow, non-stagnant mind have profound internal peace and also their strength and reliability. Also occurs. Determined to overcome the difficult difficulty and strong, strong leadership leadership There are cornerstones to develop. The essence of being a leader is never to move away from minor difficulties and To overcome the problem is to keep it. The source of this class is the unstoppable mind. There are a lot of people who claim to have livelihood, but often lose it when they get criticized.These people need to develop a self-sustaining mind. To achieve this It is compulsory to be aware that you are a child, without this realization the unstoppable mind is only superficial thing is.

When we come to know that we are connected with God in the depths of our heart, then our mind is not shaken. Will happen. But if this faith stumbles and you begin to believe that you are at the mercy of the Depending on how the river flows in the future, you will be completely engulfed. it’s just you like this Will lead the despotist idea, that people around you will hurt you, or that the misery The future is hurting you. Would you like to live a sad life full of such defeatist thoughts or A positive life depends entirely on how you perceive yourself.

If you keep walking then you will continue to grow.


Everyday many things happen, which can either be the seeds of harmony and goodness, or if there is sorrow and Of trouble. This is the reality of the world. But if you always find hidden lessons in everything and every You will find the seeds of success contained in the problem, even if you face any situation You have to do this, you will only grow, like a snowball on a mountain like a buffalo, which rolls down a slope Increases. You need to keep running the ball of life, even if it contains dust and pebbles.

When the buff ball moves, the buff increases by one size. Life Comparison of Buffers It is very valuable to do with the sphere. By living with this aspect of life, you will find your human values Help to increase in size to double, to triple Will meet. Just remember that if you keep going regardless of the difficulties, you will keep growing. life
Every situation you face or every person you meet is a teacher. if If you can adopt this vision, then every face and relationship will be a lesson, which will benefit you.

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