Live with a carefree attitude

Live with a carefree attitude

If your mind is full of complex thoughts, take a loan and empty it. All the bonds and Eliminate the complexities in this way, as if you are sowing garbage with a broom. When you do this work, remember that the real point of life is simplicity and positive attitude. Live with To make your life beautiful, which shines with a resplendent light, always be free Live with attitude. Less than a foot deep in the soft rising sun, create a shallow river. The sun on the river drifting Shining; The bed of that small river has been shimmering like gold. If the river flows, then sunshine on its surface A pleasing voice makes a pleasing sound.Live with transparency, just like river water. The meaning of living a transparent life is simplicity by leaving the textureTo live with and to avoid the complex.Do not be filled with distrust and suspicion of others, nor are they sentimental or inferior. Fully,Live in a natural way and simplicity. Even if someone has betrayed you orEven if you have been cheated, do not worry and remain untouched by it.

Live with a carefree attitude, like the one who forgets all the worries of the day after sleeping well at night goes. Remove all the burdens from your mind and make your mind airy and light.

Weaknesses and deficiencies are the seeds of vulnerability.

If you have weaknesses and shortcomings and you know them constantly, then you really talk It is beautiful. There is a saying in Japanese that “the creaking door moves more frequently.” This means a sound People with problems or physical impairments live more often, because they take care of their body. While the people who keep working every time, often find it necessary to be lant.Similarly, people who know their weaknesses even at thirty, forty or fifty years old, ever before Will not continue. It also implies that there are still possibilities of development in them. Most of you will probably have many problems, which will make you anxious and sad. But Please consider them the seeds of positive encouragement for your further development. If sixty or over Someone who has reached the level is still sad about his skills and complexityOften thinks “I still need to learn a lot,” “I still have very few skills”

Yes, “or” I am very careless, “then this thing makes that man extraordinary. this man Not fully satisfied with itself, it provides possibilities for future development. When people learn new things and collect many kinds of experiences in life, then they feel Many seeds of success and growth are found in opposite-looking things. For example, young people They are physically healthy and have intense sensations, but they also lack knowledge and occurs. Growing up people become physically weak and their nerves get tight, due to which As a result, their sensations become dim. Nevertheless, although they are young like physical force and Lose sensations, but in the face of these specialties, they have more of a buzz and they have It becomes a storehouse of experience. Similarly, people who are in one phase of life, later In the stage, opposite students come to their place.

In most cases, you will find that the jobs you do not have today, and which you have today Located on the opposite end, are the abilities that you will develop and expand in the future.The causes of success are usually found in your loyalty and students, but the signs of future success Often, you get into the opposite of your disciples. So always remember that the seeds that guide your future unlike your current students I will get to know the students.

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