Mercy is never without courage and strength

Mercy is never without courage and strength

It is necessary to have a good role model of males within the body. If it is only good outside, not at home, So Saman would not be eligible. If his business thrives on family value, he will Saman could not be awarded for achievements.
Strong men are filled with warmth and compassion. Without force they cannot be hundred in the same sense. behind the force There should be a sense of responsibility and it should be used in a timely manner. Don’t forget this a force
There is no kindness without it. Being gentle and kind does not mean being polite. Both of them No relation.

At the same time, I will also emphasize on this fact that in a sense, kindness is courageous. when in front of the father The letters and difficulties come, so the husband has the power to support and encourage him. Here It is necessary to have courage. The adventurer is kind and gentle. This kindness is neither thin nor cold. mercy it
It makes people stronger. Please always remember this.

Do not count what you have done for others

In the forest constantly remembering that you have given to others and forgetting, Others have given you something, which starts with growth. To think, “Although I want to He did so much, but in return he didn’t do anything for me,” is the location-point of absence. Such people need to know that in this idea, they are guilty of a right that “I want to do this for him What. ”When you give to someone, it is necessary to print. It has also been said that you do well, put it in the world.

This is especially true with respect to kindness and respect. You need to remind yourself that To love others is a gift that you give free of charge. It is a one-way transaction; Such transaction It is a gift, not a lane. If you get a love in return, it should be treated as an unsolicited bonus. There are many dedicated people in the world and you should know that you too are no exception. even if you It is believed that you have made your own way, yet this fact cannot be denied. You have received help from many people. You are your parents, teachers, friends, officers and From Sahayam, the friends and the lovers have completely forgotten. Don’t complain that “nobody did anything for me,” or “When I did everything for him, he Changed and betrayed me. “It’s a fact that people who always remember it are like others For what happened, they are increasingly prone to forget what others have done for them. when you To do ething for another, it is necessary to do it without expecting any reward and forgetting that You have done Also, remember that others have done for you and for a long time their nature Keep on feeling gratitude. If every man adopts this basic way of thinking, then the world is a better Become a place.

It is a problem in the perspective of ‘take it here and give it’ so that it does not spill over. It shows that your This sense of consciousness is so small that it can be constrained by the perception of others. In other words, you Savannah or literature is so limited that you feel satisfied only when others give you in returnOr literature. But if you are spilling consciousness and happiness, then these feelings can be reduced to negative negativity. Enough to escape. Therefore, spill the earth and offer unlimited blessings. Like a waterfall Infinite energy from within.
Look at nature. On the mountain you will see incredible waterfalls, from which the water continues to flow into the natural waters Or do these springs ever ask for anything? How about the sun rising in the sky? or When does he ever ask the man to pay for something? Power companies charge money to provide electricity, But the sun gives us heat and energy free of charge. To expect people on earth to be like the sun Impossible, but if you at least get acquainted with this thing, there are many gifts spilled in nature.

If you are, then you can see these boons in kind of compassion.

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