Power of Paradigm Shift

Power of Paradigm Shift

Perhaps the most important knowledge that has been achieved with the experience is in the context of the paradigm paradigm, which we “Aha!” Experience can be called. “Aha!” Experience happens when a person takes a picture of a friend “Sees” from the angle. It is tied to your initial experience, “Aha!” Experience the same Is conditional. It is like that suddenly the inside is burnt. The Paradigm Asht phrase was first cited by Thomas Kuhn in his very nfluential and important The book The Nature of Scientific was done in the Arvishyushas. Some people do not say that in the case of scientific practice Nearly every important breakthrough is breaking the tradition, turning away from the old way of thinking, and in the old paradise Change is achieved by making changes.

According to Ptolemy, the great astronomer of AM, the earth was a colony. But Copernicus called Suyy. I did change the parade by keeping it, however, because of this, he had to face a lot of protest and trouble. All of a suddenWhat changed the cheese.Newton’s physics model was the clock work paradigm and it is still a part of modern engineering. Is the basis of But it was partial and incomplete. The Paradigm of the Indian Superintendent of the World Metamorphosed, as it was more predictive and metaphysical. Till the time when the bacteria was not discovered, the female and infant were very active during the period. Death used to happen and no one could understand the reason for this. How many soldiers would die from bullets in war?

They used to die more often from minor injuries and insurances. But due to the growth of bacterial solids Also a completely new paradigm, a better and better way to understand possible and possible reasons Significant and tremendous improvement in the area of ​​medicine. Today’s America is also the result of the paradigm paradigm. Monarchy about governance for centuries The traditional concept of divine authority of the kingdom was a concern. Only then a different paradigm is developed – public

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Governance by the people and for the people. In this way, the formation of a constitutional democracy, A greater level of human energy and mobility and a higher level of life, freedom, nature and hope. The composition is not found in the history of New Delhi. Not all paradigm shifts are in a positive direction. As we have seen, when the pareidime is running Changed from policy to neo-half-policy, so it took us from the root, which is true.

Nurtures success and happiness. But whether the paradigm shift is in a positive direction or in a negative direction, whether it is immediate or long In time, they take us from one point of view of the new to the other. And of these mountains It makes sense. Whether it is right or wrong, our parents are close to us and sources of behavior and
Finally, also our relationship with Russia. I remember experiencing a small paradigm shift, when I was in New York on a Sunday morning. Was traveling with Ain. People were sitting quietly. Some were reading newspapers, some were lost in thought and some were in their He was resting with his eyes closed. The atmosphere was very calm.

what is paradigm and paradigm shift

Suddenly, a man entered his house with his child. The children were making so much noise and The whole atmosphere changed during the time he was doing the blast. The man sat next to me and closed his eyes. It seemed that he was in a state of affairs Was uninformed. The children were moving, the goods were moving from here to there and people were filtering the newspapers. Seeing this Leaving the chandeliers was unobtrusive. But despite this, the man sitting near me did nothing. In such an environment it was difficult to control the annoyance. I couldn’t believe he was so careless how is it possible? How is he allowing his child to behave so wildly, something to stop him Is not taking anything and is not taking any responsibility at all? It was clear seeing everyone like me sitting in AD.

The passenger was irritated by this. Finally I said to him with extraordinary patience and restraint, “Seeman, people
You are really having a lot of trouble because of your sales. Or should you do nothing about it? ” The man opened his eyes as if he had understood it for the first time. Then slowly Said, “Yes, you are right.” I think I should do something about it. I am with my child right now Coming from the hospital, where his mother died an hour before. I do not know whether I have to think or Should do. And I think even children don’t know how to deal with this situation.”

Or can you imagine how I would feel that day? My paradigm changed. Suddenly I started seeing the incident in a different way. And since I saw the events differently, I Thought differently, felt differently and behaved differently. My annoyance immediately Disappeared I did not have to worry about controlling my behavior or behavior. My heart is that He was relieved by suffering. Emotions and feelings of Kana began to hurt her, “Your Penny has died today? Oh, I am very sorry! Can you tell me about this? I your How can I help? ” Everything had changed in a moment.

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