Seeing And Being off Power habit

Seeing And Being off Power habit

Zahar is there, not all paradigm shifts are instantaneous. However, in my pardon, my pardime has to change immediately. Went, but in my son’s and my parents’ paradise, my son was slow, difficult and thoughtful was. The technology that we tried with him earlier, that year-round based on our policy The condition was based on experience and experience. That technology is our success in the parents and our children There was a result of our deepest paradise about the scale of success. Until we got those basic paradises Did not change and did not see things differently, till then we ourselves and in situation (vantam) Did not succeed in making changes.

To see our son differently, I and Sai had to be different. When we ourselves Worked hard on developing the chariot, then our new paradigm developed. Paradis is connected to the app. We see what we become. And what we see is that
Much depends on what we become. It cannot happen for a long time that we can see our I can change it, but there is no change in our making with it. And the same thing applies in the opposite case also. it occurs. That morning, in my pardime, in my pardime, the change that came, in that also my revenge was my original angle. There was a result of the race and there was a limit to it. There will also be people like this, even after knowing the actual situation, they are sorry There was no feeling of guilt and they would sit quietly near a happy and well-behaved man. On the other side, I believe that there will be such sensitive people too, who would have had this sense at the time.

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There is a problem and they would have already taken the initiative to understand and help, which I had not been able to do. Paradis are very powerful, because they create the lens, through which we see the world. Paradigm shift is the root word of the quantum change, whether it is the time period or the slow turn of time How are you?

The four-pronged policy is based on this fundamental idea that some of the human nature is subjected to certain principles Determine. In the human world these natural laws are as real and temporary as they are physical.
The rule of citation in the world. The reality and nature of these theories can be seen in the experience of another paradigm shift It is possible, which has been described by the coach in the navy of the Naval Institute. Two warships were studying the war in bad weather for several days in the community. I am Was stationed on the ship and when the night came, I was monitoring the ship (operating the ship). Due to the fog, it was difficult for us to see, so Katan also stood on the floor and all Gattavadhyay was monitoring the work.

Shortly after dark, a guard watching over came and said, “Next to the ship The light is seen in front of him. ”
Katan asked, “Is the light or is it moving?” The watchman replied, “It is so, Katan.” This meant that we were standing in front of a ship were about to collide. The captain called the generalman and ordered, “Send that signal to the ship: We both Tucker is about to happen. You are advised to change 20 degrees in your direction. ” A message came from the other side, “You are advised to change 20 degrees in your direction. Do it. Catan said, “Send this message: I am Catan, change your direction 20 degrees.” The answer came, “I am the ship of the whole world.” It would be better if you change your direction 20 degrees. ” Now Katan was sent. He screamed, “Send this message: I am a ship.” Your direction 20 degrees Change. From the flashing new light came a message to us, “I am the lighthouse.”We changed our mood.

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