Seven Habits of Extremely Effective People Appreciate

Seven Habits of Extremely Effective People Appreciate

“Tiffan Kavi has written a delightful book about human affairs. It was written in such a good way Is, we have such a deep understanding of our deepest concern, for our organizational and personal lifeSo useful that I will give this gift to every person I know.

Warren Baines
Author of On Talking a Leader

“I have not seen any teacher or teacher who can improve the positive personality, so that Whether it is positive, positive or mild…. This book beautifully depicts the life cycle of Atfon’s theory Has been done. I think that by reading this, no one will understand the situation that I am. And others do it under the teachings of Dr. Kavi.”

John Pepper,
Otter and gable

“The tatufan kavi is‘ american Socrates ’, which is the‘ temporary thing ’of your heart like life, family, Relationships and communications open up.

Anion Acey
Author of Psychology of Achievement

“Atfan R. Kavi’s book gives training with power, faith and experience. In these days Content and affordability prepare the foundation for effective communication. In my library as a teacher It will be an important place. ”

valayam rof ker
Utah Commission of Higher Education

“Very few people, including people in management and organisations, know so much about the fundamental principle.Thought for a long time and with so much hard work, it has been done by Tiffan Kavi. The most influential peopleIn the seven habits, they do not tell us how to do it, but they provide an opportunity. This is the occasion
To find yourself, to know our affections on the world and to take advantage of their deep innings to become effective
the opportunity to. This is a wonderful book, which can change your life. ”

Tom peets
Author of In truth of acelius

“This book does not tell how to succeed in the business, but it is successful human The way of living is defined on the basis of ethics of relationship. It is effective, it works. ”
Credits, Palak Broadcasting Services

“At such a time, every American organization has to make the workers energetic and generate leads at every level.”There is a lot of need to do, Kavi is giving a life-time of empowerment for life, which in business
There is also the best guarantee of success… the perfect blend of wisdom, wisdom and practical experience. ”

Rosabeth Moss Kurtor
Editor of Howrah Business, and Ahen Jayne’s Lets to Dance

“I have learned so much from the Tiffin poet for so many years that every time I sit down, subconscious app I am worried about the theft of the idea! Swallow Habits: No flashy demeanor or fashionable Safe-heep is not there. It has a good old age and a good calm. ”

Richard M. Eyre
Author of Life Balloons and Touching Values

“It would be very good if you read this book for every person at every level of public service and It should be made necessary to use it. Say this more than any law related to moral conduct It will be effective. ”

Senator jack anthem
First senator to step in

“When Ativan Kavi speaks, he hears it.” Das business month “Tiffan is undoubtedly the best book of the 90s on the inspirational book of Kavi. in this The stated solstice is eternal and can be applied to every aspect of life. However, this one is like this Like opera. They cannot be easily taught until they are first spontaneously
Be taxed. ”
Aerial Bibi, Mezzo-Soleano
Mayopolton opera

“I found this book irresponsible and thought-provoking. The truth is that I use it again and again.
।. ”
Archad M. Davos
Amsdet, amway

“Winning is a habit. And also lose. Twenty-five years of experience, thought and research convinced the poet There are seven different habits that separate happy, healthy and successful people from those who fail. To achieve success in haphazard or contracted means, give life’s meaning and happiness. ”
Ron Zeke
Co-authors of The Service Age and Service America

“Atfan R. Kavi is a very human being. He writes with the end and people care about him, In this single book, the stock of food is equal to the entire library of success. Very effective Among the seven habits that have been taught in the past, they have literally changed the life of the dead. ”

Ken Allechad, Ph.D.
Author of The One Amount Manager

“Seven habits are the keys to success for all the people of life. It is very thoughtful Is a book. ”

Edward A. Anenon,

Chairman, LSD and CEO Essay, Roebuck & Company

“Kavi supports permanent succession related to family, business and society. They are us psychologists Saved from the nonsense, which has encouraged most of the literature currently being written on human relations. His book is not a photograph, it is a new book and should be seen as such. that optimism There is no blasphemy, but there is potentialism, who believe that we and only we are within ourselves to change Can open. There are more than seven good reasons to read this book. ”

Atav Labunak, Executive Director
International Radio and Television Society
“To achieve success in any field of life

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