Tawana Seven Habits Part Four

Tawana Seven Habits Part Four

Indefinite stay.
Human nature has four dimensions – body, brain, heart and soul. Both of these Consider the policy and result of the policy:
Cultural History: Maintain the lifestyle; Treatment of oral problems with operation and medicine Do it.
SANTANTH: By changing your lifestyle in harmony with Sanskrit, accepted in perpetuity, Prevent diseases and problems.
Matak: Naturally: watch television, “entertain me.” Do extensive and deep study, achieve continuous learning.

Naturally: Use of your relationship with the world to advance your right, rightful interests
Do it. Sankanta: the most satisfaction and happiness, depth and softness from listening with respect and service to others.

Naturally: Stuck in increasing resources and conviction.
SANTANTH: This identity is our basic need and our desire in life. The source of positive things is peaceful – and I personally believe that God is the only natural Is the source of the rule. I invite you to face eternal challenges and your unique needs and challenges. Pay attention to both. When you do this, you will get a permanent solution and direction. You will also get There is a difference between a civil society policy and a public policy, a term and a theory of peace, and you Will be able to see the difference easily. As a last comment, I want to repeat the question which I constantly do in my teaching: How many of us would like this on our mortuary, that they have in their office or T.V. More to see How much time would you have spent? The answer is – no one. They know about their lives, their families and those people Thinking, He has done service.

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Even a great psychologist, Adam Malo, at the end of his life, the happiness and satisfaction of future generations
And put the contribution above his self-actualization (which his public “Category of requirement” was the most common requirement). This is called self-transcendence. This is also true with me. I have the greatest and most satisfying feeling of peace in 7 habits I have been approached by the life of my baby and grandson. For example, my 19-year-old granddaughter, Shannon, “worked” for service to the orphaned child in New Zealand. He wrote to me and wrote to me one day a month after a small sick child turned on him.

Then got hugged. The same loan Shannon vowed, “I don’t want to live a full life anymore. to me You should spend your life in service. ” While writing this, she has returned to India and still serves people Has been All our children are unhappy and they work together with their lives and work on peace The mission is ready. Seeing them living their lives according to these missions, we can tell our future generations.Khushi is getting happy. Now when you start reading 7 habits of very influential people, I promise you that You will get an exciting learning experience. Whatever you learn, tell it to your life. And most important The thing is, start learning what you learn. Remember, learning and doing nothing means Have you learned nothing? To know and not to do it means that you did not know anything.

I have to struggle constantly in order to live according to 7 habits. It is basically As we become better, the challenge of nature changes, in the same way as learning, Golf, tennis or any other game takes place. Since I sincerely follow these principles every day Doing effort and struggle to live, therefore warmly join you in this adventure.

– Atfan R. poet

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