Tawana Seven Habits Part One

Tawana Seven Habits Part One

Seven Habits of Highly Efficient People When the first one was held, since then it has changed in the new world The app has been changed. Life has become more complex, more stressful and more demanding. We have entered the information / knowledge based era since the industrial era, which has profound effects. We are facing such challenges and problems in our personal life, family and organizations. One or two decades ago, it could not even be done. These challenges are not only big, but they are absolutely There are also different numbers.

Computerization in the globalized market-society and society, has been a very important change. The question has been raised – which I am often asked: “7 very influential people, 7 habits” still relevant today Huh? ” Or, “Or will they still be relevant ten, twenty, fifty or hundred years from now?” My answer is: Parvatan The larger it will be and the more challenges we face, the more relevant these habits are.

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Will be. Reason: Our problems and debts are eternal and are increasing. In addition, solutions to these problems Even today and forever, will be based on those eternal and automatically, which every history of history And are found in the society becoming prosperous. I have not invented this theory and I do not take it for granted. I have recognized him only and have been placed in an ombudsman. One very deep lesson in my life is this: if you want to reach your biggest goal and If you want to win your biggest challenge, then identify that theory or natural rule and on it
Implement, which controls your desired results. The way we follow our principles Will be different from each other, which will be determined by our strength, talent and creativity. But eventually Success in any endeavor is always achieved by working in harmony with the principles that have success.

Many people do not think this way, at least not consciously. Actually you will find it The end-of-life solutions are contrary to the thinking and common practice of our local culture. I in front of you I would like to discuss this paradox in the most common human challenges. Fear and insecurity. Today people are stuck with a feeling of fear. They are scared about the future. They I feel insecure in work. They are afraid that their nine seats will be missed. He is his family I could not believe in my ability to maintain her. Because of this insecurity, they often risked Without spending a lot of heart and heart and co-dependency with office and household Create a relationship. On this issue, it is common to have our culture, more often than not. Be made. “I will now focus on ‘M’ and ‘Mere'”. I work my job, I like it in a good way and After that, I would really like to sing Hassal. Self-sufficiency is an important, even mandatory, life-time And is available. The problem is that we live in an interdependent reality and most important of all. We have a need for inter-dependence, which is presently available from our existing customers.
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