Tawana Seven Habits Part Three

Lack of balance in life.

Life in our cell phone society is constantly complex, demanding, stressful and Is becoming completely tired. To manage our time, work more, spend more time and For all our efforts to achieve greater efficiency through the adoption of modern technology It is such a thing that we constantly find ourselves in the midst of “a glut of small things” – because of which we Health, family, integrity and things are ignored, which are the most important for us?

Our work is not problem;

This is the permanent engine of life. Journalism or change is also not a problem. The problem The thinking of our modern culture is, “Go on longer, stay on longer, be more efficient, Pray for the current requirement. ” But the truth is that by doing this, the balance and mindset in life Does not calm down. Equilibrium and mental peace can be found in that power, which is its best One realizes the goodness of the person and who lives in integrity by staring at them.

“Is this for me?”

Our culture teaches us that if we want to be something in life, then we To be “number one”. This culture says, “Life is a game, a race, a competition, and you It has to be won. ” In the school, in the office, in the office of the co-worker, even in the family members It is seen as a part of the students – the more they will get, the less will be left for you. There is zahar, we Try to look generous from outside and play the games on the success of the people, but when we If you see success, then people start burning with them from inside, secretly, very much from us. Of our support In history, great work has been done by a determined person. But half-awake The biggest opportunities and immense achievements of the era will be available to those who will be well versed in the art of “we”. Today The true greatness will be achieved by the benevolent friend, who will work in a senseless way – which is transcendental With respect, mutual benefit will work.

Hunger to be understood.

Very low requirements of human heart are greater than the need to be considered – We all want to be such a voice, to be heard, to be respected, to be given importance, To have a feeling. Most people believe that the key to sentiment is communication – with your father To speak and speak in order to be heard. But if it is really considered about this, then do you Can’t see that when others talk to you, you don’t listen to understand? Instead you Often, they are preparing to do their duty. The true onset of feeling occurs when The person should feel that you are getting influenced by them – when they feel that you are understanding them – You have heard them deeply and honestly and you are open. But most of the people in emotional form They are so insecure that they do not listen to the depths – they are only able to discuss their own views according to their agendas. They stay and do not spend enough time on understanding what is in front of them. Our culture appreciates, even asks for it, so that we understand and give effect. However, The theory of nature is operated by a traditional understanding, which is generated when at least one of the expressions Commit to listening deeply first.

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Conflicts and prayers.

People are very similar, but still they are very different. they are different- Thinking differently, their lives, their origins and objectives are different, many a times. There are also conflicts. Conflict is generated from these divisions. Solve conflicts and conflicts The community policy of the society focuses on the fact that “you can win as much as you can.” However It is good to have a skillful art of compromise, where both of them keep reducing their demand, Until someone accepts the medium of acceptance, but if seen, any letter from it I really would not be happy. How big it is because of the differences people share among themselves Get to the same level! What a great waste. People who solve problems look for solutions. Time does not apply the principle of constructive cooperation, so a better solution than the original idea of ​​both letters Ankle.

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