Tawana Seven Habits Part Two

Tawana Seven Habits Part Two

“I want it now.” People want things and want time. “I want money.” A good and Want a big house. Want a great car, the biggest and best entertainment. I want it all the time And I owe it all. ” Although today’s “credit card” society “buy now and pay later” Doing has made the work easier, but eventually the economic truth comes in front of us. After that we Understand and many times it is understandable by the very official way that our production is our production Can not go beyond the ability to do. It is not possible to think on the contrary for a long time. Demand for interest Namam is there; They do not forgive mistakes. Working hard is not enough. Talking about Changes are happening fast.

Apart from this, due to the globalization of market and technology, the competition also increased. Is due. In such an environment, we will not have to be successful, but we will have to be constantly trained. We our Mentor will have to grow, will have to increase its capacity continuously, invest in them continuously, So that we do not remain as remnants of the ancient era. Bosses want results from their employees in jobs And the reason for this is simple: the process is terrible and the company is at stake. Current production The need to do is a reality today. This capital celebrates the demand, but of success In the real world, there is the practice and development. You may find your quarterly target, but the real The question is, are you making such necessary investments, so that even after one, five and ten years, you can do the same or Will it be more successful? Our culture and wallet focus on current results. But present demand The need to fulfill is one thing and investing in the potential for future success It is absolutely the same thing. The need to establish balance in both of these is not to turn away from the need can. This is your health, your marital life, your family relations and your community The same is true of the requirement.

To blame and consider yourself a victim. Wherever you see a problem, you usually They lift the finger of the blame. In our society, playing the game of making money has become a habit. “I wish The boss would not have been so dictator and foolish… I wish I hadn’t been born in such a poor house… I wish I had more I would have been staying at the place… I wish I had not had such a feeling in my inheritance from my Daddy… I wish my children were so They are not prodigals… I wish the Second Division does not disturb the audience all the time… I wish we had so much time in industry.

No… I wish our employees were not so lazy and uninterested… I wish my wife was more intelligent It happens… I wish… I wish. ” It may seem very common that we are able to deal with our problems and challenges. Blame the act or object. This can give us a lot of pain relief, but we can get these problems People from all over the world also get tied up. Tell me the exact thing, which is so beautiful that it is his own way Accept responsibility and be so courageous to take creative initiatives to face these challenges, So, I will tell you a living example of the power of choice.

Anarasha. Criticism and frustration are the children of blame. When we fall into the temptation to believe this thing
We are concerned about our circumstances, when we kneel down in front of the situation, we will Losing hope, losing the power of inspiration, and compromising their circumstances, they remain there. “I One more, one puppet, one little wheel of small wheels and I cannot do anything about it. ? Tell me so much what to do. ” It is the experience emanating from a very powerful and powerful language and its As a result, there are problems of depression and depression. How to survive in the folk culture Cynicism is – “Reduce the expectation of your life to such an extent that you can There is no confession with the word or object. ” Take a look at the history, see this world of growth and hope It is in opposition. The real theory is the discovery that “I am the creator of my life.”

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