The sense of life’s peace makes you more tolerant

The sense of life’s peace makes you more tolerant

More than a billion people are living on this earth in different countries and in many different environments. Since Some stay hungry, some eat full. Some are intelligent, some are not. Well educated with some physical app Yes, so weak. Some are white, some black. There are some happy families, nothing else. These six billion or so More people live in a wide range of different types of situations and circumstances. Just imagine what this world would look like from the side of God. I would like to say: “I am white and Black sees everyone and they are all good. Everyone should try to be happy. uhh whatever the situation Given, try to be happy in that.Our life is not limited to this present life. a big river flowing from one place to another As such, our existence in the form of God has been around for a long time. We are in various periods of history in India, He was born in China, Japan, and other parts of the world. In this way, our perpetrators Long lives become profitable.

It is just like a waterfall, which runs down a mountain, passes through a small valley, travels under the foot Does, then becomes a small river, sometimes runs fast, sometimes runs slowly, and finally a It gets mixed in the big river, which falls into the sea. This is how our lives are related to Punjam Wow is full of different experiences. Knowing this fact, we, our people, as well as other people, Say you should be more tolerant. When we know that every man with a spiritual training Passing, which is a part of that huge marriage, is living its own special life, so do not be tolerant without being tolerant.

Become your best friend. In the detailed history of your soul, you will encounter a waterfall or river. may be from the stream. When this is the case, tell yourself, “You are doing well. However you are from what time You are passing, but this is only one part of your long journey, so do not panic. The river slows down Will go. Till then be patient, and be tolerant against every thing and object.

By understanding, the product is born

The most essential thing in relation to God is to understand others. The meaning of understanding someone is actually him Have to play. People are unable to play, so they do not understand the other. you surprised You will not be able to play any of the specials. The answer to this is that you Can not understand. If you can understand someone, then you can also play it. Even in the case of married couples, when one spouse does not love the other, the reason for this is understandable. There is lack. This is generally true. If anyone can understand, one can also do it. Fathers
Have their own reasons and complaints, which they communicate, but the dispute arises because They are unable to understand and forgive each other. If people can understand each other, then for them It will be possible to play.
The same is true in the case when you people are given the most appropriate use for each of them.

Let’s try to communicate peacefully. It matters a lot that to what extent do you give the other person Able to understand If you can only speak to people who are the same as you, then you are very low Will only be able to explain the truth. The first requirement is to expand our ability to play others, to understand them. To collect It can be achieved. Experience and make your own knowledge store By developing, you will be able to understand others. If you can understand someone, then love them Will also be able to do it. Similarly, if you feel that someone understands you, then you also feel You will be being loved.

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