Trust your unique mission

Trust your unique mission

Trying to change your life from someone else’s life only increases sorrow. When you get stuck in this trap If you go, remember, the right man should be given the right thing. Also remember that there is some work, Which corresponds to your loyalty. By doing that work diligently, your life will be filled with satisfaction, Also, it will help others to live a happy life. Humans are like tools of carpentry. They do the best work when every tool for the right thing It is used. Like lessons of carpenters, we have different roles. Ask yourself, this What kind of role is your role in life. Then you will start seeing your mission in this life. mine Identify and play the role in such a great way that it helps you to complete your mission. Got Remember, do not try to change your life from someone else’s life.

Each man has a group of six brothers-in-law or sister-in-law, to gather experience in life They take turns in this world to get a chance. When a man returns to another world, So on earth, he shares all his experiences with all the members of the group. They try five fingers on their hands , Which despite being different in size, are part of the same hand. Main soul or The leader of the group can be compared to the palm and brother or sister-in-arms small but wide thumbs, gawli The tajani, tall maiyama, beautiful anamika and āyari are like kinnīकाaka. Group of all these siblings There is a store of experience from the company. The hand of his fingers in order to catch the kind of thing
Uses, almost in the same way, the chakras of each soul rebirth to gain different experiences of life.

Repeating takes Jam in turn

People have many differences like gender, age, age and height; Some people are introverted, then other illusory, and all People are involved in doing various types of work. Each has its own separate, unique life.If you accept others in the same app as they are, then accept yourself in the same app as you Yes. God forgives everyone and says, “You are good in your own self. You need to become that. No, you are not. You remain what you are. That is, the one who is called by your name. “Its That means, based on what you have done, your life in this life is approved to be trained and Is approved. Therefore, you are allowed to live life in your own way. With the kindness you have been given Live as best you can.

Accept your imperfections


It is only necessary to assume that you are old or old, but it is also necessary to accept the fact To some extent, man is an imperfect being. As long as you live in this world, then in a physical body As a living human, you will always have some kind of imperfections. A perfect one in this world It is impossible to live in the form of spiritual education. Since you have to live through the experience of a common type, so You can only live with unfulfilled apps. As a result, you face failure and obstacles May have to do, but they give a chance to be self-conscious and learn.
Remember, other people also make mistakes and they also have to face failure. But they also They then become cautious and use their discoveries to lead a better life. All the time Focusing on improvement rather than striving for and striving for better instead of best Is important. You should draw yourself in front of you by repeating it again and again.

When I say, “You do not have to live a full life,” I want to do it. You are not neglecting your studies or work. The reason, some people very easily for maturity Trying to quit can become lazy, which may result in hearing criticism from your boss is. My intention is that if you criticize or criticize yourself to this extent, you fly away at night
If you go, consider making a target of such percentage maturity. The important thing is that you can take your route
But keep going. You must understand this while making the goal of developing in a spiritual way in the development of your soul. You should understand that you are not God or Buddha. As long as you live in this world, then every day you
Mistakes will happen and your life will be full. That’s why making you live a better life Should be started. You must understand that although man is a child, but here During his life on earth, he is also an incomparable, clumsy class. The one you are living with clumsily, you have to Recognize and accept.

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