With the feeling of “I am happy”, overcome the difficult times

With the feeling of “I am happy”, overcome the difficult times

It has been said since China that people are born and reflect on their own image. Shaymun Buddha, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, philosopher Raf Waldo Emson and philosopher William Jess, everyone agrees. They have all spoken differently, but the essence of their message is: “Manu relates to the image that he has made about himself.

You are the one You think you are. What do you think every day? The things that you see and consider everyday, they Makes you what you are. There is no difference with your card or external campaign. Your idol That is, the real people will not show who you are, but you are what you think. ” This is what happens in the world in America. There is no existence of anything other than thought. Amma’s In the world, existence is made up of thoughts and things come out in exactly the same form Which people Think With the passage of time, these thoughts also become popular in this world.

In other words, you are like you think of yourself. If someone thinks a seed MONDING is a flower (a flowering plant), then it will produce monkeys of rice. If anyone Seed thinks that if he is a watermelon, then he will grow watermelon. Will the future be positive or negative, Will be optimistic or hopeless, pleasant or sad, all depends on what in your heart It’s a seed. If you want a happy future, then you should sow positive seeds in your heart and its It should be brought up to flourish. You keep thinking of this good idea continuously and keep this seed – Can pose. When you feel that negativity has started dominating your mind, then you are optimistic One should compete with it by generating energy.

It is impossible for humans to have two opposing views simultaneously in their minds. People talk of grief and laugh
Can not take it, nor can we cry while talking about anything fun. That is why there is so much importance of thoughts that fill your mind. You always have a positive image Should be kept in mind You have developed a new, successful success, for the society and the world Helpful, looking for happiness and pictures that bring happiness to the people around you Should be manufactured. You should always keep this image in the section of your friend. Even a Even after realizing that you are getting negative negative energy barrier, you should be courageous More positive covenant energy should be communicated than that. If you are able to do this in this world If successful, you will be able to do so further and you can be told that you have conquered life.

If you can explore this great power of thought, I will be very happy. Paper The subject of this book is a recipe for success in life. Everyone can use it all over the world Yes. It is a compulsory textbook written in simple words, which gives instructions on how to live a pleasant life. this There is a modern Bible, modern book, study of life, a way of life, all the barriers, classifications, Is beyond religion and religion.

I think all people including poor, sick, people trapped in relationship and people with distress and stress Take this book and read it. My prayer is that these education will reach to crores of people. My this deep and Sash? is My deepest wish is that more and more people are successful in refining their unique character, Wear beautiful smiles, always show a cheerful and open attitude and wish them a bright future. What to do
– Ryuho Okawa

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