Write a diary of the common man

Write a diary of the common man

You should never make a list of your good things. You should look at your past and Ever since you were born, people should write down what they praised. When you do this, you will find that you have often been appreciated. This idea is always condemned It is only the result of your oppression, and not at all true. People are not of any kind, theyEverything is good.

The problem is that it is easy to forget to be praised, and people only Remember When he was shown down. Maybe, that’s why you think negatively. this In the case that you will ask, all of you think back about your life and make a list of all those things, For which you were appreciated. There may also be things on which to build this list. Before I had not read and this may be undetermined to a certain extent. For example, maybe you are upset that you are not a woman in women. But When you think about it, you can find that men believe in you. Mostly those people They dislike those who are popular in women, so they start criticizing them. On the other hand, people Feel comfortable near a man who is not popular in women. That sense of comfort And it can be considered to be its merit.

You can improve your character, so that you can work and interact well with other men. Like this By doing this, women will see that you see a lot of people in the male and this will make them interested. They You will think that if you have such a quality in men, then you will be a great man; so they’re on you Will start paying more attention. Always on the principle of raising your consciousness to higher levels Consider and continue self-exploration. If you think that you have done one thing wrong, but congratulate yourself for doing something else. If you can, then people will give importance to this letter of your choice. You can do this to reflect your evil You can use them as criteria to test. By this you will be able to know whether you Had to do. People who do not have the aspect of ideals in their movements, it can be hard to know that One should do it. It is okay to invite those people, but first they can be positive. More work should be done on strengthening and increasing livelihood.

If you find hard work in office, do it yourself!

You may or may not continue your work and start it again the next day with enthusiasm or No, it depends on your physical strength. You will undoubtedly have both skills and physical strength. You should, but you cannot continue to work without physical force. When you lack physical strength If it happens, your decisions become despotist. You are despotic about your relationship with others Go and think more and more negatively, so that you will realize that in a second your The future is dark. If you are supported by the physical form, then your perspective about your future Will be bright You will think that it is possible to have a relationship with others and that is also good in your day and day life. Things will happen. People in the office who face difficulties may also have physical reasons. If it’s true If it is, then the solution would be to start with improving your physical health first.

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