You Know Happiness does not last for centuries

Live together

Often teaches the importance of living well, but how to develop the same kind? One The letters that are always found in the people with poor, permanent characteristics are as follows:

(1) Register with responsibility

In today’s era, it is difficult to meet responsible people. Miscellaneous has become a specialty. For them It is hard to be self-conscious, as they try to prove themselves or make excuses. So if you find yourself making an excuse to make excuses or complain, please be more responsible Remember the thing.

Mistakes and failures are part of being human, but obediently accepting our mistakes and Accepting gives your soul opportunities to progress. Lack of dignity and its The difficulty in accepting failures actually prevents the soul from moving on to the next stage.

(2) Do not expect payment

Do you give what you can give to others without paying? Very few people have this feeling it occurs; You will not find a single person out of a hundred like this. However, if you look closely, they will be found.

The goal of this goal is to aspire to become such a man, who by virtue of calling everyone “namate” Greetings, gift her a flower and move on. You want to do this Should Keep trying hard for this, and eventually you will be able to do something like a transparent breeze The natural app passes through the app. It is worth trying.

(3a) Sasim is aware of life

Your life is limited (ie, it is the limit), but at the same time it is also limitless. It’s a Zen cologne (Inversion) is like. “Sasim Jeevan” is shared by all the people living on earth, And every man will go back and forth leaving this world. Most people will be able to live another hundred years.

Everyone will eventually die, be it a family member, relative or neighbor. If you Be aware that every person will die on any given day, then all of you can be very kuna. You Even after a few years or decades, this world will be called Alivada. But the people of ‘Happy Science’ know that our life is infinite, so if you know that eventually you If you go out of the world, then it is very important for people to think about leaving a pleasant feeling in their hearts

(3b) Awareness of infinite life

To have “limitless life” means that humans have unique opportunities to start a whole new life. K comes from a great app. To suffer hell after death is scary and scary. But your soul It is always kept alive, even if you are suffering hell. It is also true that if you go to hell a few hundred years If you spend a lot of time practicing spiritual discipline, then you can return to heaven. After that you Will be allowed to take earth again on earth. If you think that this is the only life, then your effort is You can go, but you have many opportunities to start again.

In some religious views, Punarjam has been described as complete, but it is better to let yourself loose and Thankful for the fact that you are being given life and soul, no matter how many times you Fail With this, you will be able to breathe easily and you will be able to live happily.

Happiness does not last for centuries

It is cowardly to ask for special circumstances to get the title. Do not say that only I can be happy जब, when I have “lakhs,” or “have a better job,” or “I am married to a fabulous person” Go.

Try to create someone who is promising and positive, always has creative ideas and Shining with hope and hope. Do you care about this disease or this disease, Have you faced failure or education or business failure? This is because many people catch the specter of failure, which makes others think that they are “sad.” People are If someone has got rid of that dark shadow and lives, positivity and If he is living with optimism, he is considered a “happy person”. How would it have been if the world had been filled with people who would wake up in the morning saying, “How great is the morning! I Today I will work hard. I am not afraid of getting old. I want to keep working till my last day ।. I will work hard to make the world a better place to live, which is filled with many happy people. ” Even if you may not fill the world with happiness immediately, but by adopting this attitude you can fill this world with a drop.

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Can get rid of instability. It is absolutely possible to do so. Radiant and idyllic And can be opened only by having pleasant thoughts. Do not make excuses that are necessary to live a peaceful life. Never think that you fulfill a particular conditionYou will be happy only when you are there. The path of splendor opens to those people, who wish to create pleasant future The positives try to do with the mentality, no matter what the circumstances are. Take courage and gather the will to make the journey from the middle of the dense forest. In doing so, I am completely new Open the boundaries to the world. Do not think about the situation. Consider the idea that starts in this way as a gift “If this happens…” or “If it does not….” Do not think of the reasons after today that you Can not be happy. Stop complaining.

The complaint could not achieve any success. complain that you poison your friend Take and other people also take nakatur.

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