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This book is a happy life, happy life (I am fine), printed in Japanese, my other book Kauf Break and tee time is the third in the series. In this book you will get a treasure of life. every class And the people of that age — the elders of the primary school, the hundred-year old, the staff, the housewives and the businessmen — all You will find the book useful. Today most of the main stream that comes from the United States comes from the US. Here you will find the Explanation Formulas and Principles explained in simple words, which will be used in all the religions of the world.And the people of caste will complete their zeal. Use it as a complementary school to teach ethics. I claim that it hurts, There will be a reduction in the cases of violence, misdemeanor, crime and arrogance.Undoubtedly the students’ study of this And improve their academic performance.

Also use it in the training programs of the staff. This will have an excellent effect in improving the company.It will reduce the incidence of depression of the workers, increase the company’s enthusiasm and boost its morale.Will increase. Come, let us all strive to become positive people, who can smile every day and whose mind Saying this, be really happy saying “I am happy.”

– Ryuho Okawa